Illustrating stories the world needs to hear

As Chriztee I love to illustrate and design for your passion. I’m able to communicate emotion with pixels and add personality to ink.

Beautiful stories always know where to find me and that is how yours becomes mine. I have a passion for … people with a passion! It touches me when people give their all for something. Assisting them with my skills to get their story out into the world is what I enjoy doing the most. Traveling in Indonesia, publisher Malmberg managed to find me with an assignment to draw maps about Germany with German customs, German food and famous Germans, and so I discovered new cities and customs of a country that I still had to learn the charm of. It inspired me to discover the world by drawing, to dream, but also to capture and share memories.

My breath coach asked me to illustrate for her project about love. Meant for the theater, the project went online with Zoom-sessions every sunday with people from all over the Netherlands tuning in for some live storytelling about this subject that touches us all. So proud that my illustrations are part of this project.

Will you share your love with me, too? I’m sure I can help you put your story out there!